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Key Factors and Pitfalls to Consider When Delivering Vegan Products

February 26, 2021

Veganism is growing in popularity around the world for several reasons. According to research, over 16% of meals in the UK were pl

Vegetarian Food and Nutrition

Nutritionist Explains How Vegetarian Diet Can Be a Great Source of Complete Protein

February 23, 2021

People believe that a vegetarian diet lacks protein and other essential amino acids. Also, animal-based sources like meat and eggs


5 Flavorful & Nutritious Vegan Salad Dressings That Can Be Used Differently

February 20, 2021

Consuming a vegan diet offers several health benefits. For instance, it helps in increasing weight and also serves low calories. T

Vegetarian Health Benefits

This Recent Study Suggests Vegetarian Diet Lowers the Asthma Risk in Children

February 16, 2021

It is believed that people who eat vegetarian food have a lower body mass index and less risk of chronic diseases. According to st


6 Vegan Protein Powders That Are a Healthy Addition to Desserts and Shakes

February 11, 2021

Following a vegan diet means strictly avoiding animal products and contributing a lot to the environment. Nowadays, people are enc


A Recent Study Reveals Vegan Meals are 40% Cheaper Than Meat Products

February 4, 2021

According to recent studies, more and more people now prefer vegan meals over meat and other animal products. Indeed! Following a

Say No to Animal Cruelty & Yes to Nature

Vegetarian is not just a type of diet, but more of a lifestyle. It’s a healthier choice you make for the people, for the animals, and for a better planet