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7 Vegan Substitutes That Have Become Favorite of Former Meat Lovers

November 24, 2020

Do you also think turning into a vegan is a daunting task? At first, it seems so, but today several restaurants are offering vegan dishes to meet customer

Vegetarian Food and Nutrition

Know the Approximate Count of Calories That an Indian Veg Thali Offers

November 21, 2020

When it comes to foods, not every food serves low calories and is rich in vitamins and minerals. But calories play a vital role when you are on


The Incredible Story of Roger Sewell Who Turned Vegan and Broke a World Record

November 17, 2020

Indeed, veganism is becoming popular day by day due to its life-transforming benefits. Several celebs are encouraging people to turn vegan and to avoid animal consumption. It is


Vegan Fish Would Soon Be Identified as a Sustainable Seafood

November 10, 2020

According to the recent news, the World Sustainability Organization and the Good Food Institute have partnered to launch the Sea Gold Certification Program to recognize sustainable, plant-based sources


People Chose More Plant-Based Food When They First Eat Plant-Based Food, A Study Finds

November 5, 2020

According to new reports, after the coronavirus pandemic has affected the world, people have become aware of plant-based food and are reducing the consumption of animal products. Recently


5 Plant-Based Recipes That are Under 400 Calories & Great in Taste

November 4, 2020

When you are a food lover and vegan at the same time, then you look for plant-based recipes that are low in calories, most importantly, taste delicious at

Say No to Animal Cruelty & Yes to Nature

Vegetarian is not just a type of diet, but more of a lifestyle. It’s a healthier choice you make for the people, for the animals, and for a better planet