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6 High-in-Manganese Vegetarian Foods to Consume for Good Bone Health

Manganese is essential for optimal health. It protects us from severe skin conditions and regulates blood and sugar level. If the dietary intake of manganese is low, then it may cause chronic disorders, diabetes, seizures, thyroid problem, and osteoporosis.

Manganese is important for the production of digestive enzymes and bone development. A deficiency of manganese can cause infertility, anemia, hormonal imbalances, and chronic fatigue syndrome. The daily intake of manganese required for an adult is 2.3mg, a pregnant woman is 2mg, and for infants (0-6 months) is 3mcg.

If you are looking for vegetarian foods that are high in manganese then, below is the list of several foods that are rich in manganese and should be added in a diet plan.

1. Wheat

Wheat is the best source of manganese. Whole wheat contains a lot of fiber that maintains blood pressure and improves abdominal health. Wheat is high in fiber and controls appetite and inflammation.

It is a whole grain and has a natural ability to control weight. Sprouted wheat contains potassium, sulfur, manganese, vitamin B, and other nutrients. Overall, consuming wheat in any form is beneficial for health.

2. Quinoa

Quinoa is one of the most popular foods that are rich in protein and manganese. It is also high in iron, potassium, antioxidants, vitamin B, and fiber. Quinoa is known to prevent several diseases.

A cup of quinoa serves 8grams of protein, 30% of magnesium, 15% of iron, 18% of copper, and 19% of folate. It is also called as super grain and a great source to improve skin, hair, and health.

Eating quinoa in a regular diet promotes weight loss and helps in preventing osteoporosis.

3. Garlic

Garlic is low in calories and high in vitamin B, potassium, copper, and calcium. Consuming garlic boosts the immune system and reduces blood pressure.

An ounce gram of garlic serves 15% of Vitamin C, 0.6 grams of fiber, 23% of manganese, and 17% of Vitamin B6. If you have high cholesterol, start eating garlic in your diet because it is the best supplement to reduce cholesterol.

Thus, it lowers the risk of heart disease. It also contains antioxidants that prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s.

4. Pineapple

Pineapple is a great source of vitamin C and promotes regularity in bowel movement. Moreover, it improves skin health and reduces wrinkles.

Nearly 165 grams of pineapple contains 1.5milligrams of manganese. Consuming pineapple in a regular diet strengthens your bones and reduces blood clot. It also reduces stress and treats cold and cough.

5. Tofu

Tofu is naturally gluten-free and a great source of protein, magnesium, and iron. Also, it contains all nine essential amino acids.

Consuming Tofu in a regular diet provides the same benefits as soya beans. It contains isoflavones that help in preventing heart disease and osteoporosis.

One block of tofu (122g) serves 15.57 g of protein, 12.19g of fat, 65mg of magnesium, 5.36 g of carbohydrate, and 421 mg of calcium.

6. Oats

Oats are not only known to be the richest source of manganese but also for treating metabolism. Eat oats in breakfast, and improve heart health.

A cup of oats contains 7.7 milligrams of manganese and 4 grams of fiber. It lowers cholesterol and helps in losing weight.

The Bottom Line

The next time you feel sick or have a deficiency of manganese, consume the above foods rich in manganese in your regular diet for better results. But before you start eating these foods, make sure that you have consulted your doctor for servings per day.

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