6 Vegan Delicacies to Try Out This Pride Month and Show Your Pride

Indeed, veganism is making a strong impact on the food industry. Nowadays, people are preferring vegan foods over animal products and also encouraging everyone to contribute to society by consuming vegan foods.

With an array of vegan recipes featuring every RAINBOW color, you can have several vegan food options according to your taste. Let’s try out some amazing colorful recipes that everyone should try this PRIDE month to promote veganism.

1. Root Nine Pride Cookies

Root nine makes delicious-tasting cookies using different ingredients. It is a tie-dye sugar cookie stuffed with chocolate chip cookie dough. Root nine pride cookies are preservative-free, incredibly addictive, free of soy, dairy, and egg, and are also 100% plant-based.

The ingredients used in cookies are cocoa powder, matcha powder, natural food coloring, cane sugar, wheat flour, water, cake extract, coffee, and coconut oil. Not only does it look delicious, but 5% of the proceeds benefit the It Gets Better Project.

2. HipCityVeg Milkshake

The restaurants’ milkshake is filled with rainbow gummies and finished with paper rainbow straw. 10$ of shake proceeds to different organizations, including SMYAL, Whiteman Walker, and William Way Center. Its delicious milkshakes are prepared with the sweetest ingredients and flavors.

3. Eric McKenna’s Bakery Cake and Cupcakes

Enjoy your PRIDE party with a vegan cake or with a pack of rainbow cakes from an allergen-friendly bakery. People living in New York City and Orlando can order from the bakery.

Also, people living outside these areas can order cakes that are delivered nationwide. The bakery has been featured by the New York Time magazine, Food Network, The Today Show, Good Morning America, and more. The shop offers gluten-free Vegan cinnamon crumb cake, gluten-free Vegan brownie bites, and gluten-free Vegan cookies.

4. Pressed Juicery Juices

If you want to stay hydrated in this PRIDE month, you should celebrate it with Pressed Juicery juices. This vegan brand promotes inclusivity and also encourages LGBTQ+ support.

The interesting part is its proceeds benefit a San Francisco Bay Area-based LGBTQ + youth. The refreshing flavors include Watermelon Rose, Honeydew Ginger, and more.

5. Unicorn Yogurt Bark by Fork & Beans

This magical treat offers vanilla yogurt into a pastel-colored rainbow with natural food coloring. This yogurt bark features a simple snack that comes together in easy steps.

Yogurt bark is the first food featuring pastel rainbow edibles. The food includes vanilla yogurt, rainbow sprinkles, and food coloring.

6. Rainbow Smoothie by First Year

It is filled with tons of fruits and fruit skewers. The recipe is prepared with frozen strawberries, greek yogurt, banana, peaches, spinach, frozen pineapple, natural food coloring, mixed berries, and water for blending.

Final Words

Pride is a celebration, and it is more than RAINBOWS. So, celebrate and enjoy PRIDE month with these recipes and have fun.

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