A Recent Study Reveals Vegan Meals are 40% Cheaper Than Meat Products

According to recent studies, more and more people now prefer vegan meals over meat and other animal products. Indeed! Following a vegan diet offers incredible life-transforming health benefits and also contributes to the environment. When followed right, vegan foods promote weight loss, lowers the risk of different cancers, and manage diabetes.

People believe that consuming a vegan diet doesn’t give you an adequate amount of proteins and vitamins. For instance, animal foods are a great source of protein. Also, a lack of vitamin B12 can make you tired. However, if you consume fortified rice and soy drinks or take other supplements, you can get enough vitamin B12.

To get fatty acids, eat leafy green vegetables and eat a handful of unsalted nuts. Good plant sources of iron include black-eyed peas, dried fruits, and fresh fruits. Also, 10-15 minutes of sunlight exposure a day could give you a vitamin boost.

Vegan Meals are 40% Cheaper Than Meat and Other Equivalents

According to studies, around 11,000 people in Britain showed that for 52 weeks, a main meal containing meat cost an average of £1.77 per person. However, a plant-based meal cost £1.06 per person. Interestingly, around 3.7% of vegan households spend on drinks and food as meat alternatives.

Veganuary’s Head of Communication, Toni Vernelli, said veganism is expensive and is not affordable for everyone. The study shows that a small part of a vegan diet and overall eating plants costs less.

It is also found that vegan-based meals are easier to prepare, and the protein source does not need to be cooked before adding to sauces. Plant-based chunks can be added directly to a dish. There is also a lower risk from under-cooked plant-based foods as cooking time is lower.

Toni Verneilli said,

“Those of us who’ve been eating vegan for years know that it’s great value, yet somehow the myth has persisted that veganism is expensive and out of reach for some people.”

He added-

“We now have the data to dispel this outdated idea once and for all. While some plant-based meat and dairy substitutes carry a premium, this study shows they are only a small part of a typical vegan diet and overall eating plants costs less – another great reason to try vegan this January!”

It is believed that vegan food trends would make a major impact in the coming years. Consuming vegan food is easier than ever. Cost is an important factor, so these research results would motivate more people to try vegan options.

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