How is the Novel Corona Virus Outbreak Prompting More People to Turn Vegan?

Ever since the Coronavirus outbreak has affected the world, people have become more responsible for their food habits. The CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) has speculated that three out of four new emerging diseases in people are due to animals.

Therefore, it is important to stop animal cruelty and start using animal products. Every time you eat an animal product (like meat), you are exploiting an animal and also infecting yourself.

Don’t you think- it is time we should stop using animals for our benefit? The COVID-19 is an infectious disease and has become one of the zoonotic diseases that have affected people through the exploitation of animals. It is observed that the mortality rate of Coronavirus is the highest among adults.

Food Industries are Changing Their Food Processing Methods for Better Results

A San-Francisco based food industry ‘Just’ has started preparing imitation eggs from mung beans. With the rising market for plant-based foods, animal products are getting replaced by plant products.

Vegan eggs resemble real eggs and are prepared using mung bean and turmeric. It creates egg-like texture and flavor. Vegan eggs are attracting people because of their similarity to chicken eggs in smell and taste. These eggs are playing a crucial role in maintaining bone and eye health and energy.

It is attracting China’s bigger food manufacturers. Chinese food producers are seeking climate change and are focussing on delivering quality-controlled food. It is also believed that climate change concerns are motivating people, especially youth, to follow veganism.

The country’s wet markets where unpackaged meat is sold is found to be a possible source for this outbreak. Coronavirus has claimed over 8000 lives and has disturbed the businesses globally.

Vegan Eggs Have Become the Choice of Chinese Market

After the Coronavirus has affected China, the Chinese food industries are focusing on producing plant-based products and animal-free protein products. Vegan eggs have added nutrients like choline, vitamin B12, choline, and more. Popular Chinese food companies are putting their efforts into reducing the risk of future outbreaks by restricting animal products.

Several food companies from around the world have approved the process with China’s Food and Drug Administration for their products to enter into China food industry. You could also see cultivated meat (grown from animal cells and no slaughter involved) entering the market anytime soon.

Final Words

What do you think- is Coronavirus outbreak making people turn into a vegan? Probably YES! If this is true, then it is beneficial for everyone. Consuming a vegan diet has several health benefits. It lowers the chances of getting cancers like colon cancer.

If you are already following a vegan diet, there is no harm adding the vegan eggs in your diet plan. Also, before you plan to turn into a vegan, read these life-transforming benefits of following a vegan diet for better health results.

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Say No to Animal Cruelty & Yes to Nature

Vegetarian is not just a type of diet, but more of a lifestyle. It’s a healthier choice you make for the people, for the animals, and for a better planet