Indian Restaurants Offering Better Vegan Options Than Those in Other Countries

Vegan is gaining popularity around the world for several reasons. People are experimenting with plant-based foods, and thus, vegan menus are expanding in different countries. Now, vegans in India don’t have to struggle with vegan food options.

People are choosing places where vegan recipes are served. The food industry is meeting the customer’s requirements and including more vegan options. Furthermore, it offers life-transforming benefits to everyone. For instance, they are adding vegan biryani and burgers & non-dairy ice creams on menus.

The Advice of Different Nutritionists and Experts on Plant-Based Food

Hyderabad-based chef Pranit Konark, who created the ideal mock meat burger, said,

“To each his own. The need for variety and exploring newer vegan food options led people to experiment at home and create veg meat with jackfruit and the like. These are especially targeted at people who are meat-eaters and giving the vegan diet a try.”

The founder of Bengaluru-based evolved foods, Roma Roy Choudhary, said that she was the first person in India to serve Seitan. After seeing the positive response to vegan wheat meat, she created products like Alt protein and Alt meat under the same food banner.

She further said,

“With people now looking consciously at alternatives, whether it is driven by thoughts of clean eating or contributing to help the environment, or even experimenting with something different in a playful way, I feel the time is right to offer the product as an ingredient so people can easily incorporate it in their cooking and daily diet.”

The company has also now launched two different products that can be used as an alternative to paneer and chicken. Roma is a vegan nutritionist and wanted to reach non-vegetarians as well. Furthermore, she wanted to make options available for people and initiate a step towards new kinds of food.

The co-founder of plant-based nutrition brand Oziva said,

“Plant-based foods are healthy, no doubt, but we must let the consumer reach out on their own. When the complicated part of ‘trying a new food’ is taken out, you will quickly find a consumer drawn towards it. Our products are made in such a way that they can be consumed without putting in much effort.”

Another nutritionist based in Hyderabad, Sridevi Jasti, said,

“The pandemic taught us well. The body needs the right food and not the junk we keep feeding it. If we know how to make use of plants and nuts, we shouldn’t need to rely on any meat or dairy products.”

By seeing the demand for vegan foods, Feranoz Patisserie in Hyderabad developed vegan chocolate cake without milk. They have substituted dairy with nut or soy milk. It is believed that people avoid milk for several reasons, and therefore, they offer multiple vegan options. Also, vegan cheese is not easily available, but tofu varieties are sold in markets.

Final Words

Ever since the COVID-19 has affected the world, people have started consuming vegan foods to improve their immunity. However, it is a myth that vegan foods don't provide adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals to the body. But if vegan foods are consumed properly, then they offer better health results.

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