Taste is the Biggest Challenge to Overcome in Vegan Industry, Says Biorigin

You love the dish that is tastier and includes healthy ingredients. After the Coronavirus pandemic has occurred, people have become more aware of the foods that they are consuming.

A popular Brazilian ingredient company Biorigin that specializes in the yeast and natural ingredients said that people are wisely (after knowing the ingredients) consuming the foods. Over the years, the plant-based foods sector is booming with innovation.

Biorigin is exhibiting at SHIFT20 and discussing its natural ingredients based on fermentation. Helena Branco (Global Food Application Specialist) said,

“The consumer is looking for healthy and more [environmentally] sustainable food. Taste plays a vital role in diet and food choices. Consuming food should be an enjoyable experience; otherwise, consumers will not repurchase the products. Taste is important but also the biggest challenge, especially in the plant-based food sector.”

She added,

“We work with biotechnology processes based on yeast extracts and natural flavors, so we bring taste solutions to support the market demand. Today, savory and umami flavors are important to plant-based food applications.”

They have seen a great change in traditional food and plant-based foods. When it comes to plant-based foods, it is known that it is beneficial for health. But it is believed that plant-based foods are not tastier than regular foods. Therefore, the taste has become the biggest challenge in plant-based industries.

Focus on Plant-Based Recipes and Sodium and Sugar Retention

During the IFTs (Institute of Food Technologists) virtual trade show happening in the coming week, Branco would host two webinars. One would focus on plant-based-recipes and another one on sugar and sodium retention.

She added,

“In the webinars, we will demonstrate our commitment to add value to our customers’ products by presenting solutions that match consumers’ demands. Delivering natural ingredients – natural flavors, yeast extracts, and derivatives that benefit consumers’ health and the sustainability of the planet – is Biorigin’s mission since its foundation and not merely a way to comply with regulatory or health legislation.”

At SHIFT20, they will focus on different savory products that include sugar in their formations and their growth in the coming years. She said,

“We are working with these types of sauce applications to show our solutions for the market. We have a complete portfolio of natural solutions based on yeast and natural flavors, so we are always researching how to gain a good mouthfeel and impact taste solutions for a wide range of food applications.”

Renata Calonego, Global Strategic Marketing Manager, said,

“Current market trends show that consumers are increasingly aware of what they eat and drink. Taking care of their own diet and health, they check labels, and at the same time, they are willing to move out their comfort zones to explore bolder flavors and multisensory food experiences, seeking pleasant food and beverages experiences without giving up taste, texture, quality, health, and well-being.”

Today, people are avoiding animal products and are taking care of their health better than before. They are seeking good food but without compromising on taste and quality.

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