5 Vegan Food Trends That Will Impact the Year 2020 and Beyond

To follow a vegan diet is not as difficult as everyone thinks. People think that a plant-based diet does not provide essential nutrients required by the body, following some myths. But several vegan diet myths are debunked, and people have started giving veganism a try.
A vegan diet has gained huge popularity in 2019. So it is sure that the high demand for vegan foods and vegan recipes is going to grow in 2020. Celebs are turning into a vegan and promoting veganism throughout the world.
If you are planning to turn into a vegan but don’t know from where to start, then read vegan journals and vegan transformation stories of celebs for better health results. Going vegan is the new trend going on, and people are looking for vegan food trends for 2020.
So, below mentioned are a few vegan food trends that you should dig out in 2020.

1. The Boom of Cauliflower Recipes

Yes, cauliflower has endless health benefits. It keeps your bone healthy and aids in reducing high blood pressure. While all veggies are high in nutrition, cauliflower is rich in fiber, vitamins A and C, and antioxidants.

When cauliflower is crushed in a food processor, it tastes like rice and could be used in raw dishes. Make cauliflower Tabbuloeh, a salad that is prepared with raw and riced cauliflower.

2. High Carb and Low Fat Diet

A High Carb Low Fat vegan diet (HCLF) reduces the intake of sodium and fat. The diet includes whole grains, seeds, nuts, and vegetables.
The diet contains 80% of carbohydrates, 10% fat, and 10% protein. It is studied that an HCLF diet has helped people in losing weight.

3. Vegan Fast Food

You would be shocked to know that fast food could also turn healthier. But in 2020, vegan fast food recipes are going to make a great impact on the industry. Beyond milk and burgers, several varieties of food options would be available that you could order in the restaurants and coffee shops.
Vegan Delite sub (without cheese) sprouted grain bagel, hash browns, and others are a few recipes that you could include in a vegan food menu.

4. Plant-Based Seafood Substitutes

Many popular brands are now promoting to stop animal cruelty and are creating alternatives to seafood items like shrimp and more.
For instance, Golden Fishless Filet contains EPA and DHA like a real fish. It has a great taste, no cholesterol and could be prepared in ten minutes. Do you know other vegan products that are great as an alternative to seafood?

5. Dairy-Free Chocolate

If you are a chocolate lover who looks for chocolate recipes on every occasion, then be prepared to search for varieties of dairy-free recipes. Because in 2020, dairy-free recipes are going to hit the market.
Browse for recipes that can be enjoyed year-round. Make sure that you don’t include milk chocolate in any recipe because it contains milk. Dairy-free recipes are a wonderful treat and favorite of people of all ages.

Final Words

Vegan foods come from plants and not from animals. There are several reasons why people are turning into a vegan. While some are following it for its health benefits, others are consuming it to stop animal cruelty.
So if you are also thinking of starting a vegan diet in 2020, try the above food trends and promote veganism. But before you start following a vegan diet, read these amazing life-transforming benefits of turning into a vegan. There are a lot many vegan products yet to be discovered.

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