5 Vegan Transformation Stories of Celebs - Before and After Vegan

Several celebs have realized that minimizing the use of animal products is the best way to stop animal cruelty. Eating vegan foods has many life-transforming health benefits. Though switching to a plant-based diet can be challenging, it has a positive effect on a person’s health.
While some believe that cutting down meat and dairy products from the diet doesn’t provide the necessary vitamins and minerals to the body, others find this diet beneficial for their health. But the former is not true. A vegan diet provides the required energy and doesn’t alter bone density. Here are other vegan myths that are believed to be true.
A vegan diet is richer in nutrients and helps in losing weight. So what do you think- Could this be the reason why celebs are turning into a vegan? Maybe! Recently, activist Pamela Anderson sent a letter to PM Narendra Modi to promote veganism.
Check out celebs who were once addicted to animal products and are now proud of being a vegan.

Celebs Before and After Following a Vegan Lifestyle


1. Jennifer Lopez

This hot and glamorous actress and singer lost an extra 7-10lbs after consuming a vegan lifestyle. She turned into a vegan in May 2014.
Jennifer misses the butter in her diet but is happy that a vegan diet is transforming her into a better person. She started with a 22-day vegan diet for weight loss and was surprised by the results. She no longer follows a strict vegan diet but follows a healthy diet plan.
Jennifer eats fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein, berries, sweet potatoes, brown rice, and other vegan foods. In an interview when asked about turning into a vegan, she said,
“It’s gonna change your life and give you a happier and healthier lifestyle!.”

2. Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith, a filmmaker & a heart attack survivor, turned into a vegan in August 2018. He participated in the 10-year challenge and posted his pics of weight loss between these years.
He credited a vegan diet for his transformation. He lost over 15 lbs in 9 days. Kevin revealed that after he started eating a vegan diet, his lab tests produced amazing results. His cholesterol level was reduced, and other things were doing great.

3. Evanna Lynch

Evanna Lynch, a Veganuary Ambassador, is a vegetarian since the age of 11. After that, she added vegan foods in her diet. She turned completely into a vegan in 2015. Evanna believes in non-violence and does not want animals to be cut for food. She said,
“It was just the right path for me. I felt like as soon as I went vegan, I was more myself like I was just living according to what I believed, which is such a freeing thing when you finally commit to it.”

4. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is following a plant-based diet since 2014. She was also named in Billboards “2018 Woman of the Year” for her dedication to social justice. She loves animals and rescued ten dogs and a pig. She believes that a vegan diet expands your life length and makes you a better person.

5. Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton initially adopted a vegan diet for his health, but later followed this to stop animal cruelty. He is a five-time World Champion Formula-1 racer and is on the mission to promote vegan. He said,
“I have plenty of protein in my diet, and I’ve gained muscle, and I’m healthier and happier than I’ve ever been. I wish I did it sooner.”

Final Words

Consuming a plant-based diet is beneficial for the environment and health. Besides these celebs, here are more popular personalities who turned into a vegan. Do you know any other celeb who turned vegan and is proud of it? If so, share them with us.

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