Actress-Activist Pamela Anderson Urges PM Modi to Promote Vegan Food

The gorgeous Canadian-American actress, model, and animal rights activist Pamela Anderson wrote a letter on behalf of PETA to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to promote veganism. She wrote,

“With your country's innovation and agricultural history, I'm sure that India-produced soy and other versatile foods can easily replace these damaging foods."

In the letter, she addressed air pollution in Delhi and urged Modi to lead India’s fight against weather change by embracing veganism. She said India is the easiest place on earth to be vegan.

According to recent reports published, it is reported that nearly 36 million Indians could face the threat of flooding by 2050. Around 21 cities in India are approaching zero groundwater levels, and many Indians would not have water to drink by 2030. This Baywatch icon explained that using or raising animals for eggs and meat is causing around 1/5th of human-induced greenhouse emissions.

Furthermore, she urged PM Modi to adopt pro-vegan steps that are taken by Germany, China, and other countries. Last month, she wrote a letter to Canadian PM Justin Trudeau and asked him to serve vegan food in prison.

Earlier, people used to believe that a Vegan diet does not provide the essential nutrients required by the body. But as people started to consume vegan foods, these vegan myths began to disappear. Other than Pamela, these celebs also turned into a vegan and are proud of it.

Pamela Believes that India Produced-Soy Can Replace the Damaging Foods

In her letter, she wrote about the measures taken by other countries to cut down the consumption of animal products and the life-transforming benefits of being a vegan.

Moreover, she also praised Indian food and wrote about the alluring aroma of veggie biryani and the color of saffron rice. She believes that Indian spices are fantastic and that the country can be the easiest place to turn into vegan. Pamela wrote to serve vegan food in every government meetings and functions.

Through veganism, every country could fight against weather changes and high levels of air pollution. Consuming veganism not only saves animals’ lives but also benefits health in several ways. Pamela is not the only famous personality promoting vegan, but several popular personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Leonardo da Vinci, and others had also encouraged others to go vegan.

Final Words

No doubt, veganism is making an impact on the food industry and offering several health benefits. But do you know the history of veganism and the pioneer of the Vegan Lifestyle? Well, Donald Watson introduced veganism in 1994.

Don’t you think Pamela is doing a great job by promoting veganism throughout the world? Of course! Can you suggest other steps or ideas that can be followed to promote veganism and to stop animal cruelty? If so, share them with us.

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