Vegetarian Health Benefits

Follow Vegetarian Diet to Prevent Yourself from Urinary Tract Infections

Embracing vegetarianism has offered several health benefits to everyone. It maintains blood pressure, obesity, prevents you from diabetes and, most importantly, lowers the risk of urinary tract infections.

According to reports published in Scientific Reports, consuming vegetarian foods prevents you from several infections. A test was conducted on over 9000 vegetarians and non-vegetarian people. The results declared that those who consumed a vegetarian diet has less risk for urinary tract infections.

Vegetarians do not consume meat and avoid the consumption of E. Coli bacteria that is associated with UTIs. Furthermore, they also consume fiber from plant-based foods that regulate gut bacteria.

Women are Majorly Affected by UTIs

It is observed that women are more affected by UTIs. It is because the distance from the anus to the urethra and the length of the urethra is shorter. The urethra is near to the vagina, which means bacteria could easily be transferred during sex. The Urinary tract infection could be treated with antibiotics.

So, if you are a woman, make sure that you take a proper vegetarian diet and do not consume meat and other animal products. Additionally, it is also recorded that vegetarians have less risk of developing cancers like stomach and blood cancer.

The team from Taiwan reported that how they responded to questionnaires completed in 2005 by over 9000 participants from the Tzu Chi Foundation, a Buddhist NGO. The survey included several questions ranging from drinking, smoking, and other medical conditions. The team tracked participants until 2014. The result revealed that over 217 of the 3000 vegetarians developed a UTI during the study in comparison to 444 of over 6000 participants.

A vegetarian diet is associated with a 15% lower risk of developing a UTI. Also, the risk of infections is linked to sex, lifestyle, age, and other health conditions. The E. Coli is thought to cause 50% of UTIs. It may include renal failure and tract stones.

Final Words

While some non-vegetarians believed that those who consumed vegetarian dishes lack protein and have a deficiency of iron and vitamin B12. Surprisingly, these vegetarianism myths are debunked, and it is proved that vegetarian people have better immunity than non-vegetarians.

So, if you also eat meat and have problems associated with urinary infections, then stop eating meat right now. It is recommended to eat a plant-based diet as it controls gut bacteria. Drinking a lot of water & washing up before sex are some other ways to prevent urinary infections.

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