South Koreans are Turning Vegans, Korea’s Vegan Market is Expanding

Since the Novel Coronavirus outbreak, people have started taking food safety and hygiene seriously. They are turning into vegan and looking for vegan recipes. Whatever the reason is, it is good to hear that people are opting for veganism.

According to reports by Korea Vegetarian Union (KVU), over 500,000 people have turned into strict vegans, and nearly 1.5 million people consume similar plant-based diets.

Lee Won-bok, who looks after the KVU community, said that the plant-based lifestyle is growing in South Korea. He explained,

“More people are interested in a healthy diet, and the awareness on animal rights and for a clean environment is also growing. Regarding the taste and texture there’s still much room for development.”

He goes on to say,

“It is an inevitable trend. People now care about the environment, and the rights of animals and they are more cautious of what they eat.”

Apart from veganism, flexitarianism is another on-going trend in South Korea. In this, people try to eat more plant-based food and fewer animal products. The community estimates that there can be over 10 million people who follow flexitarianism. To meet the plant-based diet demand: Korea’s vegan market is expanding.

South Korean Food-Tech Manufacturer Zikooin Developed Unlimeat

This vegan beef includes oats and grains. Korean market chain Lotte Mart released Gogi Daesin, a plant-based meat brand this year. This meatless range includes plant-based cutlets.

Jeong Jae-hee said,

“People just think of plant-based meat analogues as bean meat, but that’s a story of the past. We now use various ingredients other than beans, and also use fiber to create the different textures of meat.”

You would be amazed to know that several Korean celebs are also going vegan. Im Soo-Jung, who featured in the television series “Search: WWW,” is also a vegan. She was allergic to different animal proteins.

So, she went vegan five years ago. She also collaborated with vegan skincare brand Melixir. She said,

“After going vegan, I became interested in animal protection and environmental sustainability, and my lifestyle started to change.”

She further added,

“People now care about the environment, and the rights of animals, and they are more cautious of what they eat.”

South Korea is famous for BBQs. But the number of semi-vegans and flexitarianism is growing and could cross 10 million. South Korean investors are exploring the alternative meat sector and are collaborating with other food brands.

Final Words

Several people are turning into vegan after knowing its life-transforming health benefits. Also, it is expected that vegan flavors would do wonders in the coming years. Not only this, but supermarkets are also introducing their pant-based range.

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