World Vegan Day - Why Should Veganism be a Global Movement?

Right from athletes to celebrities, everyone is going vegan. The rise of the plant-based diet is increasing day by day for its several health benefits. A diet that excludes dairy-products and meat is called a vegan diet.

A vegan diet not only improves health but also promotes animal awareness and environmental protection. A recent report by a restaurant shows an impressive increase in the interest in the vegan diet in countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and other countries.

Do you know like other festivals and special days are celebrated throughout the world, World Vegan Day is also celebrated? It is celebrated annually on 1st November. However, it is celebrated at different dates in different countries.

For instance, in Melbourne, World Vegan Day is celebrated on the last Sunday of October, and on the first Sunday of November in Sydney. It is commemorated through events, seminars, and other programs. Similarly, World Vegetarian Day is celebrated on 1 October globally.

Why People Should Go Vegan

There can be numerous reasons why people choose a vegan lifestyle. While some people turn into a vegan because they don’t want to harm animals, others choose it for its life-transforming health benefits.

The production of animal products is harmful to the earth. A huge amount of grain is required to feed animals to produce meat. This can be a great contributor to habitat loss and deforestation.

Alternatively, less water and crops are required to produce vegan foods. This is how everyone can contribute to reducing the bad impact of animals on the environment.

Here’s How You Can Celebrate World Vegan Day

Consuming a vegan diet is beneficial for human health as well as the environment. World Vegan day can be celebrated in numerous ways. Below given are some ideas about how you can celebrate World Vegan Day.

1. Plan a Vegan-Themed Lunch Party in Office

Vegan themed party can be a great way to promote veganism. Prepare vegan-based meals and encourage everyone to follow them in their regular diet plan for better health.

2. Join a Vegan Group or Society

You can also join vegan groups or society to promote veganism. The society organizes events and programs to make people aware of the veganism benefits and their significance.

3. Trying a New Vegan Recipe

If you love cooking, nothing can be better than trying a new vegan recipe on this special day. Look for new ideas and ingredients that can be added to the recipe to make it tastier. You can also invite your friends to dinner and take their feedback on your recipe.

Some people think that consuming a vegan diet is unappealing and has several restrictions. But the fact is a vegan diet offers more energy than other diets. Read more vegan diet myths that are commonly heard.

Final Words

Follow a vegan diet for a few months and see what wonders it can do to your overall health.
Just like you celebrate other days with so excitement, why not celebrate world vegan day this year? Tell us how you will be promoting the vegan lifestyle on 1 November.

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