World Vegetarian Day (1 Oct): Know Why Everyone Should Go Vegetarian

Several people are now becoming aware of the benefits of being vegetarian. They are making a move to become healthier and socially responsible for their life. World Vegetarian Day is celebrated on 1 October. The day brings attention to the environmental benefits of vegetarianism and promotes to follow a vegetarian lifestyle.

While some follow a vegetarian lifestyle for its immense health benefits, others adopt it to take care of the animal's lives. A vegetarian diet is healthier than diets that contain animal products, particularly when you are concerned about fat intake. It contains low fat and thus, prevents you from cardiovascular disease, which is the main reason for death in the US.

Vegetarian food is not only low in fats but also removes cholesterol from the diet. However, they are rich in antioxidants and fiber, which are known to fight against cancer.

Significance of Being a Vegetarian

If you eat meat, turning into a vegetarian might be difficult for you, but that’s not impossible. Many people who start consuming a vegetarian diet fall back to meat-eating habits; therefore, a firm decision about why you want to be vegetarian is a must. So why it is important to start a vegetarian diet?

Several life-transforming benefits are linked with a vegetarian meal. Secondly, the production of meat is unsustainable and harms the environment. On the other hand, a vegetarian diet helps in restoring the life of the planet's health. Also, veg meal costs less.

Every day around 20 million animals are slaughtered to produce meat. They are raised by giving an abnormal diet which is harmful. If you have a concern about animals, then turning into a vegetarian should be your choice.

How Can You Celebrate World Vegetarian Day?

If you are a non-vegetarian, turning vegetarian may take time. But celebrating the day would tell you more about the vegetarian diet and its benefits. Below are a few tips that you could do on a vegetarian day.

1. Plan a complete vegetarian meal for your dinner party. Check out amazing vegetarian recipes on the internet and surprise your friends with your cooking skills.

2. Try out new restaurants nearby and order the vegetarian menu at the restaurant.

3. Start a session discussing the benefits of vegetarian meals.

4. Suggest everyone at your workplace to bring a vegetarian meal at lunch.

5. Add posters or banners about the benefits of a vegetarian diet in high traffic public areas.

Why Should People Go Vegetarian?

Thanks to scientific research that explains the environmental benefits of a plant-based diet. It recommends that most of our body benefits from vegetables, fruits, and grain products. A vegetarian diet is healthier than an average American diet.

It is the most effective way to prevent the body from severe diseases. A vegetarian diet is high in potassium and lowers blood pressure. Thus it improves cholesterol and reduces the risk of severe heart problems.

Also, people who consume a vegetarian diet have a shorter life span and several disabilities at the end of their lives. Meat slows down the immune system and also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. Several benefits are associated with a vegetarian diet. It doesn’t matter if you still eat meat, quitting at any time will benefit you.

So, don’t ask yourself why to turn vegetarian, instead why not? Also, if you think that a vegetarian diet does not provide all essential nutrients to the body, then it's the time to read the vegetarian myths that you believe are real.

Final Words

Just like you celebrate other occasions, celebrate world vegetarian day this year, and take a decision to eliminate the animal products from the diet and to live a healthy life. It is for everyone to look at the foods they consume and how they are affecting health and the environment.

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Vegetarian is not just a type of diet, but more of a lifestyle. It’s a healthier choice you make for the people, for the animals, and for a better planet