5 Best Vegetarian and Vegan Meal Delivery Services That You Should Try in 2021

Several reasons can be noted for the growing popularity of veganism. The major reason is, it offers incredible life-transformation benefits and also makes health better. You can find several restaurants and cafes offering vegan meals based on customer demands.

Moreover, today vegan delivery services are helping people in delivering the best plant-based meals at the doorstep. To satisfy your needs, they also share the vegan menu and meal kits to satisfy the vegan needs.

Let’s find a few popular vegetarian and vegan meal delivery services that you should try in 2021 when having a party or a get-together.

1. Purple Carrot

It has taken the vegan delivery world by storm with its plant-based offerings. The brand focuses on the environment and brings new vegan recipes every week. You can select from different meal plans ranging from Chef’s choice to Quick and easy and high protein. The three of the plans have different features and can be mixed while ordering.

The average cost per serving of Purple Carrot is about $12 a plate and over $70 per week. The ingredients are delivered with portions and full instructions on how to make a recipe. It sends you three dinners each week and also gives the option of adding breakfast and snacks based on the plan. The brand delivers meals worldwide except for Alaska and Hawaii.

2. Green Chef

This meal-delivery service is also called the Plant-Powered Meal and offers dishes that you can prepare in 15-20 minutes. Green Chef is the first brand to become USDA-certified organic in the field and offers quality ingredients that are sustainably grown. It sends sun-dried tomato flatbreads with basil pesto and bell pepper salad.

Sometimes, it also sends Dukkah-spiced chickpea bowls, tahini sauce, and turmeric-spiced rice. Other alternatives such as gluten-free and paleo are available in the plant-based plan. The brand offers vegan delivery services across the United States, except Hawaii, Alaska, and parts of Louisiana. The Green Chef offers delivery services from $12 per meal.

3. Sakara

It is a nutritional brand that offers a menu every week with superfood-heavy meals like sandwiches and protein waffles. A weekly-five day plan offered per person starts from $70 per day. The recipes offered by Sakara helps in losing weight and improves gut health.

The menu served by Sakara is fixed except in a few delivery zones. The sample meals by Sakara include Pink lady pesto pasta with beet crumble and roasted grape tartlet. It is a wellness service that delivers fully-prepared plant-based meals.

4. Fresh N Lean

The brand offers two vegan meal plans with ready-to-eat dishes. You can select from the low-carb vegan option and standard vegan plan.

Chef-driven recipes contain wholesome ingredients. Based on menu options, you can order cuisines like romesco quinoa bowl and teriyaki lentils. Five-minute breakfast options can also be included to create a complete package. The brand is available nationwide.

5. Veestro

Veestro’s frozen meals keep vegan simple. The delivery arrives frozen in a container, so you have to keep your eats in the refrigerator, heat them and serve.

For Veestro’s standard plan, you can choose around 20 meals for $10 per meal. The brand delivers across the United States except for Hawaii and Alaska.

Next time, when you search for vegan meal delivery services, then look out for the above services that offer premium quality ingredients and meals at affordable prices.

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