SOS Free Diet - A Vegan Diet That Limits Salt, Oil & Sugar in Your Meal

You might have heard or followed the thrive diet or other types of vegan diets recommended by experts. But do you know what SOS free diet is? SOS free diet means a diet that does not contain salt, oil, and sugar.

It is one of the best diet plans for weight loss and to cure severe diseases like heart attack and high blood pressure. The diet does not add salt, oil, and sugar to a meal at any time of the preparation.

What to Eat and What Not to Eat in SOS Free Diet?

No, you can’t eat anything in the SOS free diet. The diet has certain limitations on what you can eat or add in your meal. Here are the foods that you can include in your SOS free diet plan.

  1. Vegetables like bell peppers, lettuce, onions, spinach, tomatoes, and carrots can be eaten in SOS free diet. You can add these vegetables to add a natural flavor to your meal.
  2. Fruits like lychee, grapes, and figs are known for their sweetness. They provide natural sweetness and not the processed ones that are not allowed in an SOS free diet plan. If you like sour fruits, add pineapples, lemons, strawberries, and apricots.
  3. Legumes like chickpeas, lentils, and adzuki bean, are great for weight loss. They play a crucial role in an SOS free diet and contain essential vitamins and nutrients needed by the body.
  4. Whole Grains like maize, rye, popcorn, and bulgar wheat include carbohydrates and proteins. They control cholesterol, which is the biggest cause of heart diseases.
  5. Animal products like meat, dairy products, refined grains, and other processed foods should be avoided.

Why Should Everyone Follow SOS Free Diet?

Several reasons are known why everyone should go for an SOS free diet. But below are the two main reasons that make it best for all.

1. SOS free diet promotes good health by eliminating animal products and allows eating foods that are high in fiber, unsaturated fatty acids, and other essential nutrients and vitamins. It avoids salt, oil, and sugar that are the main cause of cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

2. From a nutritional point of view, the SOS diet gives nothing nutritionally. Sugar gives energy, but it can cause tooth decay, increase the risk of diabetes, and increase stress.

Final Words

SOS free diet can never be boring. The diet plan doesn’t say to prohibit the foods that you like strictly, but to prepare them in a way that is more beneficial for heart and weight loss.

For some, following a diet that does not contain salt, oil, and sugar can be difficult. But once you find a substitution for salt and oil products, you will see how nutritional SOS free diet is.

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