Why Are Vegan Trends Gaining Immense Popularity on Social Media?

Have you ever wondered what makes food trends go viral on the internet? Nowadays, everything people do, they post on social media. For instance, if they are following a diet plan, they post about it to make people aware of its benefits, and if they should start the same or not. Similarly, veganism is getting much popularity these days. The no-meat and dairy products have become a household name.

Popular brands are following these social trends and are launching their vegan products. Food chains like Pret A Manger and Pizza Hut, have launched their vegan dishes. This is all happening due to the growth of people eating plant-based foods.

According to reports, there is a rise of 350% vegan people in the UK and 600% in the last three years. Also, it is believed that these vegan food trends would make an impact in the future.

Veganism is Getting Huge Traction But Not Vegetarianism

Celebs are promoting veganism and sharing their vegan transformation stories. People are following them and turning into a vegan. Even though both vegan and vegetarianism are gaining popularity, Google search volume has shown a sharp rise for one and not for another. This doesn’t mean that there are fewer vegetarian people, but the social movement has not captured the vegetarianism trend.

Three Communities are Driving the Vegan Movement

By evaluating the changes in the last few years, it is found that three communities are driving the vegan movement. They are Fitness & Lifestyle Movement, Ethical Foodies, and Holistic Wellbeing Seekers.

They have shared the reasons for the rise of veganism. They found that animal welfare and sustainability, health and fitness, and self-care and well-being are the main reasons why people are adopting veganism.

Various Vegan Hashtags are Trending on Social Media

From the past two years, hashtags like #crueltyfree, #healthyeating, #vegan, #wellness, #wholefoods, #fitfam #fitness, #whatveganseat, #veganfood, #glutenfree, #nutrition, #eatclean, and others are doing the rounds on the internet.

Reasons Why it is Getting Popular on Social Media

Preventing the environment or animal cruelty is not the only reason why veganism is getting trendy on social media. After doing social data research analysis, it is reported that several reasons are making the vegan movement popular around the world. A few of the major reasons are:

1. It is a Controversial Topic

A lot of people are skeptical about this vegan topic. Some say that consuming a vegan diet does not provide you essential nutrients. Others say that they are myths that have been proved wrong, and the vegan diet is beneficial in many ways.

It is a controversial topic and touches on the social and economic-political aspects of people.

2. It is Majorly Followed by Young People

People who are 20-40 years old are contributing a lot to their environment. Climate change is also motivating youth to turn into vegan. They are consuming a plant-based diet and care about animal welfare. Also, this is not surprising to hear that young people are more likely to use social media.

While some could use it to promote their brand, others use it to make people aware of vegan trends. But it is sure that what matters to young people, would go viral on social media. This might not be the case with older people.

Final Words

No matter who you are - vegan or vegetarian, eating a diet that is free from animal products is beneficial for health in several ways. Additionally, it is also thought that young people are talking about veganism because of social media.

If you are also planning to turn into a vegan, then read these life-transforming benefits of being a vegan. Also, know that not all social media trends going viral on the internet are worth following. Some people might find social media a platform to create a positive buzz about their business.

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