#WhyMillionsChooseVeg: People Pledging Not to Eat Animal-Based Foods

It is not easy for anyone to stop a meat diet and follow a strict vegetarian plan. But the good news is, people are trying to turn vegetarian and strictly prohibiting animal products. While some people believe that the vegetarian diet helps in losing weight, others choose vegetarianism to stop animal cruelty.

#WhyMillionsChooseVeg - People are Sharing Their Views on Why to Follow Vegetarianism

Recently, #WhyMillionsChooseVeg went viral on the internet. People used this hashtag to share their opinion on vegetarianism. Some shared that a human body structure is designed only for vegetarian foods, and it takes a longer time to digest animal products like meat. Also, the digestive system of humans does not allow the meat to pass quickly through it. Check more reasons why people should not eat meat.

Also, there are a few vegan myths that state that a vegan diet offers less energy, and a plant-based diet is not good for pregnant women. Additionally, people also believe that the vegetarianism diet lacks protein, which is the essential ingredient required by the body. Here are more vegetarian myths that are believed to be true.

People are taking inspiration from vegetarians and promoting vegetarianism worldwide. Vegan or Vegetarian diet are less prone to disease and are compatible with the human body. Those who eat meat have a high risk of cancer and other severe diseases.

Experts suggest that if you want to eat to strengthen your bones and improve the immune system, then take soybean or milk products that contain around 45% protein content, which is almost double the content of meat.

Millions of People Have Taken Pledge Not to Eat Non-Vegetarian Food

After this hashtag #WhyMillionsChooseVeg spread on the internet, people started to take a pledge not to eat foods based on animal products and motivated others to follow vegetarianism.

According to vegetarians, a well-balanced diet is necessary for healthy food; and vegetarian food includes all the essential vitamins and nutrients required by a body. You would be surprised to know that consuming a vegetarian diet can add 14-15 years to your life. People who eat four-legged fat have a short lifespan and also suffer from disabilities at the end of their lives.

Do you know that over 35 billion animals are cut for meat? Unlike earlier, when animals use to roam freely, today they are crammed into cages.

So, avoid animal cruelty and motivate others to go veg. Right from athletes to celebrities, people have stopped consuming animal products and are finding vegetarianism beneficial for their health.

Final Words

According to you, which diet is best? Vegetarianism includes foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals and thus reduces the risk of heart problems and cancer. Compared with meat-eaters, vegetarians consume less cholesterol and less saturated food and foods that are high in magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

If you consume a vegetarian diet, don’t forget to promote vegetarianism worldwide and be a part of this trending hashtag #WhyMillionsChooseVeg.

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Say No to Animal Cruelty & Yes to Nature

Vegan is not just a type of diet, but more of a lifestyle. It’s a healthier choice you make for the people, for the animals, and for a better planet.