Veganism in Chile is Increasing Particularly in People Under 30

October 23, 2020

The environmental survey that was conducted in Chile in 2018 found that over 1.5 million people living in Chile were avoiding meat in their regular diet. Around 75%

5 Key Points Every 65-YO Should Consider When Switching to a Plant-Based Diet

October 16, 2020

A vegan diet is gaining popularity around the world for multiple reasons. Firstly, it offers several health benefits. Secondly, it is environmentally friendly and saves the planet. Several

The Chicago’s National Vegetarian Museum Turns Into ‘The Vegan Museum’

October 5, 2020

Recently, Chicago’s National Vegetarian Museum changed its name to The Vegan Museum. The museum was founded by the president of Go Veggie, Kay Stepkin. Kay ran Chicago’s first

The Latest Reports Reveal a Huge Rise in Vegan Meat Sales Due to COVID-19

September 30, 2020

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the world, more people have turned into vegan and are searching for vegan flavors as an alternative to meal products. This

5 Vegan Toffee Recipes for People Having a Sweet Tooth

September 22, 2020

Toffee is a perfect treat when you are bored with chocolates. It is delicious, crunchy, and a friend in need. Nowadays, several alternatives to animal products are available

5 Vegan Snacks That Could Curb Your Hunger Pangs in No Time

September 17, 2020

A vegan diet offers incredible health benefits. It promotes weight loss and manages diabetes. Today, celebs are also promoting vegan diets and sharing their life-transformation stories. Miley Cyrus,

Say No to Animal Cruelty & Yes to Nature

Vegetarian is not just a type of diet, but more of a lifestyle. It’s a healthier choice you make for the people, for the animals, and for a better planet