Follow Vegan Keto Diet for a Week & Notice the Difference for Yourself

When it comes to a vegan diet, several types of vegan diets are being consumed by people. For instance, the Raw Food Vegan diet consists of unprocessed foods and raw foods like sprouted grains and vegetables.

A Low-carb vegan diet includes non-starchy vegetables. But one of the most common vegan diets is the Vegan Keto diet. A Ketogenic Vegan diet controls blood and sugar levels and is a low-calorie-diet. It consists of plenty of plant-based fats and plant-based proteins.

The diet plan restricts carbohydrates and contains plenty of amount of protein. It does not contain animal products and is majorly followed for reducing weight.

Benefits of Consuming a Vegan Keto Diet

A vegan diet is known for its life-transforming health benefits. So, if you are planning to follow a vegan keto diet, then make sure that you know its benefits.

1. It Promotes Weight Loss

Experts recommend consuming a ketogenic diet for losing weight. Following a Keto diet could help you in reducing over 4kgs in 18 weeks. The diet has plenty amount of healthy fats and keeps you full for longer.

2. Protects Against Severe Diseases

A study explains that those who have consumed a Vegan Keto Diet have shown significant reductions in cholesterol and blood sugar levels. It protects the brain and prevents the body from severe diseases like Alzheimer’s.

3. Maintains Blood Sugar Level

A review of several studies suggests that a vegan diet reduces diabetes risk by over 50%. It improves blood sugar levels and lowers the levels of HbA1c by 15%.

Foods to Consume in a Vegan Keto Diet

A healthy vegan Keto diet should include non-starchy vegetables and fats and protein sources such as seeds, berries, lemon, avocado oil, and bell-peppers. It is recommended to include almond, pecan, and peanuts more in the diet.

A 5-Day Meal Plan That Should be Consumed for Better Health Results

Monday breakfast should include spinach, peanut butter, and chocolate. In lunch, consume the creamy avocado sauce. For dinner, you should consume mixed veggies and coconut curry.

For Tuesday, make sure that your meal contains tomatoes, onions, avocados, bell peppers, olive oil, and cauliflower crust pizza with cheese.

On Wednesday, you can have mixed veggies and cheese at breakfast. Besides, for lunch, you can have cauliflower mac and cheese with broccoli. In dinner, prepare a spinach dish.

For Thursday, consume Greek yogurt topped with chia seeds. In dinner, make Zucchini pizza with garlic and spinach.

On Friday, make breakfast using heavy cream, peanut butter, and flax seeds. Then for lunch, you can consume cheese, sour cream, lettuce wraps. In dinner, prepare fried rice and include veggies to it for better taste.

Final Words

Experts suggest not to eat gelatin, high-carb nuts, and refined vegetable oils. Even though they do not have animal products, they are high in oils and fats.

If you want to avoid animal products and wish to contribute to a healthy environment, then you should start consuming a Vegan Keto Diet.

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