The Health Benefits of and Foods to Eat & Avoid in a Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarian Diet

August 4, 2021

Do you know that several types of vegetarian diets can be followed to live a better lifestyle? Reasons to follow a vegetarian diet can include health benefits like

Some Expert Nutrition Tips to Keep in Mind If You Are a Vegetarian Runner

March 5, 2021

If you are a sportsperson, you know how important it is to have a healthy diet. A Vegetarian diet offers several benefits to everyone, particularly to a runner.

Nutritionist Explains How Vegetarian Diet Can Be a Great Source of Complete Protein

February 23, 2021

People believe that a vegetarian diet lacks protein and other essential amino acids. Also, animal-based sources like meat and eggs provide the required amount of protein to the

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November 21, 2020

When it comes to foods, not every food serves low calories and is rich in vitamins and minerals. But calories play a vital role when you are on

5 Molybdenum-Rich Vegetarian Foods to Remove Toxins from Your Body

October 15, 2019

The human body requires several vitamins and minerals for proper functioning. Molybdenum is an important one but is required in a very small quantity. It is recommended that

5 Flouride-Rich Vegetarian Foods to Consume for Strong & Healthy Teeth

October 8, 2019

Fluoride is one of the most important mineral constituents for the body. It strengthens the teeth, prevents cavities, and other teeth-related problems. It is mostly found in shellfish,

Say No to Animal Cruelty & Yes to Nature

Vegetarian is not just a type of diet, but more of a lifestyle. It’s a healthier choice you make for the people, for the animals, and for a better planet